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Virgo -
Carton Closing

Right Angle Carton Closer
up to 90 cpm


The Virgo Series offers a large size range with rapid size change over and simply designed but robust construction. Designed for customers who require a fully automatic top load carton closer for speeds of up to 90cpm.

The Virgo Series accepts random cartons with filled product and through carton control and a right angle indexing section delivers a square unmarked carton due to lug-less flights. The Virgo Series can handle every type of carton board and saves vast amounts of factory space through the right angled index.

The Virgo Machine is a member of the Top Load Closer family produced by 3SL PacTec.

Other ranges of machinery include both carton lock and glue erectors, end loaders, robotic loaders and all types of product specific infeed systems.

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Standard Eigenschaften
  • Typical carton speeds, CC60 up to 60 cpm, CC90 up to 90 cpm
  • Full visibility and access into the machine
  • Completely random infeed
  • Size change available in 10 minutes
  • The PLC touch-screen allows all machine functions, including hot melt pattern to be adjusted
  • Servo driven 90 indexing station ensures square entry into closing section
  • Overhead running fingers assist with carton squareness and oversize product
  • Simply designed but robust stainless steel construction
  • Compact, space saving design

Optional Extras
  • Complete 'wash down' specification

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