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Monoceros CP200 / CP300
The top load case packers from 3SL PacTec are designed for flexible usage in the area of end-of-line packaging. Up to 300 single products can be handled with a triple racetrack system. The machines are used to pack folding cartons into shipping cases and can also deal with pre-packed product to be loaded into large consumer cases (e.g. flow-wrapped hamburger patties).

Monoceros CP15
The 3SL Robotic Top-Load Case Packer Monoceros CP15 is designed to automatically form, top load fill and close RSC style corrugated cases within one frame. It possesses a very compact footprint and eliminates the requirement for three separate machines and the floor space they typically occupy. Carton and case format can be varied to the customer specification by utilization of a modular infeed design.

Monoceros CP200 / CP300
Monoceros CP15

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