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Orion -
Carton Forming

Accurately formed cartons are important with
regards to the performance of a top-load line.


Designed for customers who require lock cartons ready for automatic or manual loading at speeds of up to 100cpm.

The single asynchronous motor drive carton former provides a cost effective pick, place and form motion through a series of mechanical links.

Size changing is achieved through replacing the magazine gate, forming plungers and forming heads.

The Orion series is available in single or double heads giving respective speeds of 60cpm and 100cpm.

The Orion Machine is a member of the Top Load Carton Erector family produced by 3SL PacTec.

Other ranges of machinery include end loaders, robotic loaders, a full range of carton closers and all types of product specific in-feed systems.

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Standard Features
  • Single or double forming heads
  • Minimum maintenance with sealed for life bearings
  • Cartons lock erected
  • Factory set change parts ensure trouble free size changes
  • Large carton size range
  • 60 strokes per minute (single head)
  • 50 strokes per minute (double head)
  • Guard switches operate 'instant stop brake' on main drive motor which can be released by a key switch for machine setting
  • Stainless steel construction to European safety standards (CE).
  • Size change available in 10 minutes

Optional Extras
  • Vacuum or Flighted take-away conveyor
A wide range of optional features are available to enable the machine to be readily adapted to meet the customer's specific requirements, eg. complete 'wash down' specification

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