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Cassiopeia -
Integrated Top Load System

Not only good looking but highly efficient.
Our all-in-one solution.


A single unit consisting of three modules, the Cassiopeia Series is designed to form, fill and close trays and cartons and eliminates the requirement for three separate machines and their associated space requirements.

Capable of forming cartons from flat blanks the Cassiopeia offers all the features of the 3SL 'Gemini and Auriga Carton Formers'. These include lightweight carbon fibre lock tools, adjustable glue tools, powered hopper and quick size change functionality.

The Cassiopeia loading module incorporates the agility of the Aquila series and is available in single and triple race track formats. Capabilities range up to 700ppm on a triple racetrack format.

The closing module, the third function of the Cassiopeia, features technology developed for the 'Virgo' such as rubber fingers for carton control and quick size change performance.

Closing options include the closing of cartons with a hinged lid, front flap glue, separate lid closure and the folding or gluing of 4 upper flaps.

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Standard Features
  • Full visibility and access into the machine
  • Random product infeed
  • Size change available in 30 minutes (all 3 machine modules)
  • The PLC touch-screen allows all machine functions, including hot melt pattern to be adjusted
  • Servo driven 90 indexing station ensures square entry into closing section
  • Overhead running fingers assist with carton squareness and oversize product
  • Simply designed but robust stainless steel construction
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Loading multiple cartons / trays simultaneously
  • Incorporates a robot with full access to technical back up and software / hardware upgrades
  • Servo controlled belts transfer and space cartons / trays to exact positions for product loading
  • Modular design allows flexibility between different carton configurations
  • Motorised carton magazine, length 600 mm

Optional Extras
  • Extended carton magazine up to 2.000 mm
  • Vacuum take-away conveyor
  • Fixed size forming head and plunger per carton size, per lane (lock carton)
  • Fully adjustable forming head to run all sizes of carton within machine range (glue carton)
  • Double glue guns / nozzles for deep cartons (glue carton)
  • Product pockets for different sizes
  • In-feed chain of a horizontal flow-wrapper to be integrated to produce multipacks
  • Upgrade to 5 kg payload

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